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Divorce, Family, International Family, and Criminal Law In Colorado


Whether it’‘s a Divorce, Family Law, International Family Law, or Criminal Law issue, in any court in Colorado, as Colorado Divorce Lawyers & Criminal Law Lawyers, it's what we do, and what we've been doing for 31 years!

Divorce and Family Law


Feel like you're hanging out there alone?

  • Already in a divorce? Need to start a divorce?
  • All types of Family Law matters are our expertise: divorce; child custody; property, asset, and business division; Grandparent rights; move away and relocation cases; restraining orders; mediation; appeals.
  • International Family Law Law, International Child Custody and Child Abductions

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Criminal Law


Don't face these charges alone!

  • All types of criminal charges: felony, misdemeanor, DUI, traffic, or others.
  • Criminal law charges in divorce and family law cases-Protection & Restraining Orders
  • Our 31 years of experience in criminal law
  • We can be working for you with just one call.
  • We can help-No matter how bad it seems
  • All Colorado State Courts/Denver Metro Municipalities

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